Geographical Coverage

As mentioned in the specific objectives the firm will be providing services in the entire Afghanistan during the establishment and development stages and will extend its services beyond the boundaries of Afghanistan during the excellence stage. USMC Management, Organization Structure, functions and staff:This section is explicit on USMC management, organization structure and functions of different departments and bodies. It is worth mentioning that all of USMC management and operational staff and members of Board of Directors are Afghans, whose families live inside Afghanistan.

Power and Electronic

Power and Generators, Tower lights LT 4000, and LT 6000 Tower lights, GG 1200 Q Gasoline Generator, Generator start motor prototype, Static electricity generator, Generator Cable, VB- generator, Chemical, Particle generator, B & K Model different color generator, Gasoline generator EM 1000W, 24KW low noise, Diesel generator, Turbine Generator, Wind generator, 800W portable generator.


ULFAT SAFIE Co. ltd maintains its offices across the country focusing on both large and small cities and maintains a number of offices across the country to make sure its services are available in every corner of country. Our network is spread throughout the country with offices along with warehouses located at Kabul (Head office), Herat and Mazar sharif controlling the region and our distributors cover all other areas. ULFAT SAFIE LTD Department has access to and enough own resources for all regions of Afghanistan Ulfat safie Ltd medicine & Medical Company.

Eclectic Appliances

TVs, Heaters, Handy cams, Digital cameras, Air Conditions, Laptop Computers, Desktop Computers, Scanner / Printers, VCD and DVD Players, Vacuum cleaner, Refrigerator, Freezer,
Washing Machine, Fans
and many more……

Since USMC is A Company it is working in different Areas we have different brunches working in different fields that are listed here.

Main activities for the implementation of the working strategy include:Attract qualified and dedicated managerial and operational staff through the provision of Professional and conducive working environment, air rules and regulations and competitive benefit package. Developing quality control manual and implementing it in its spirits and words, Applying standard and quality work procedures, Appropriate use of machinery and technology, Payment of competitive wages to labors, The use of quality material, Developing effective internal and external monitoring and evaluation system, Enhancing staff capacity through learning by doing and participation in training courses, Announcing firm’s assets in regular intervals, Payment of taxes in timely manner, Conducting external audit of the firm, Developing information sharing and information disseminating system and its implementation, Developing effective documentation and reporting system and complying with it strictly.