• To give the quality of Medicines, Hospital Machinery, Laboratory Equipments, Chemical Material, Surgical Equipments…etc according to the international standard.
  • To keep the donor requirements at the top.
  • To work according to international standard specifications quality control plan and safety plan that has already been prepared.
  • To Provide Professional quality Service on time according to international specifications.
  • To seek financial resources and implementation possibilities for the planned Medicine and Health Care projects in Afghanistan.
  • To convey donor’s assistance to Afghan entitled trough implementation of any Health Care projects inside Afghanistan.
  • To facilitate the process of a smooth resettlement of returning Afghan refugees and displaced into their rural and urban communities.
  • To directly implement Health programs and Care the economic and social infrastructure in the war-torn Afghanistan.
  • o/from Afghanistan and to whole Afghanistan.
  • To workout plan for Health Care development in order to improve the living standard on community level in the country.
  • By means of Income Generating projects, USMC tries to strengthen the income sources of poor Afghans.
  • To Encourage the Afghan People participate in Health Care of Afghanistan
  • To take part in Health Service and Health Care of the infrastructure of country i.e. Hospital Equipment’s..ect
  • Develop a follow up strategy to gauge performance with all clients. | Implement and maintain a quality control and assurance policy.
  • The main object is to participate in the Health Care process of Afghanistan to secure the operation of relief activities in Afghanistan through direct cooperation with Afghanistan government, United Nations, US Military and Collation Forces.
  • To provide Health Care services
  • To deliver the Government, Non Government Organizations and Private Companies goods from/to foreign countries to/from Afghanistan and to whole Afghanistan.
Main Players in the Private Pharmaceuticals Market

Figure 2 provides a guide to the main players in the private sector pharmaceuticals supply chain. However, there may also be middlemen, or “agents”, facilitating transactions such as distribution of pharmaceuticals from a producer, importer or wholesaler to provincial pharmacies. Researchers were frequently told that such agents were used, but did not encounter any agents directly. ULFAT SAFIE Medicine is the importer in the figure below.