About us / USMC

USMC is Stand for “ULFAT SAFIE LTD MEDICAL COMPANY” which is established in 1382 (2003) is the unique LTD & Medical private investment licensed non-governmental organization with a strong commitment on LTD & Medicine area. USMC by having full ability, adequate capacity for executing operational, financial, management and implementation quality bases, started its efforts for LTD & Medical Service over Afghanistan. From the Start USMC has delivered its LTD & Health Care service by its Experience: onetime, within budget, to your satisfaction.grown over the past years, but has always remained dedicated to this fundamental commitment; the people at USMC are still firmly committed to the founders, needs but also exceed the client’s expectation. The unique aspect of USMC is the ability of self – performing in most items on a project, this.


We value team work. The whole is better than the individuals Customer care approach. | Excellent performance comes through involvement and empowerment of every Team Member. | Extraordinary efforts and outstanding accomplishments will be given their due recognition and rewards. | We emphasize relationships and concern for others. | Striving hard to exceed the expectations of our customer’s.
We will provide the necessary tools and activities that motivate Team Members in the way they think and feel about their jobs. | Integrity as the guiding principle. | Well-being of our teammates. | Delivering long-term value. | Personal Services in relationships. | Independent business model. | Professionalism and personalized services. | Superior customer services. | Supporting communities, we serve.

what we do?

USMC is proud to proclaim its products and supplies; it contributes all around the country with best quality, swift delivery and even-handed prices. USMC has enough qualified technical experienced staff. USMC has the right to work anywhere inside and outside Afghanistan without restriction and has full authorization to seek financial resources and implementation possibilities for the LTD goods in Afghanistan.

USMC is working in different areas 

  • Providing all types of Medicines
  • Military Clothing
  • Surgical Equipment
  • Laboratory-Equipment
  • Hospital Beds & Wheel Chairs, Stretcher& First Aid Kit
  • ECG , X-RAY , Anesthesia Machine , ventilator Vaporize
  • Laboratory-Equipment