USMC is Stand for “ULFAT SAFIE LTD MEDICAL COMPANY” which is established in 1382 (2003) is the unique LTD & Medical private investment licensed non-governmental organization with a strong commitment on LTD  & Medicine area. USMC by having full ability, adequate capacity for executing operational, financial, management and implementation quality bases, started its efforts for LTD  & Medical Service over Afghanistan. From the Start USMC has delivered its LTD  & Health Care service by its Experience: onetime, within budget, to your satisfaction. USMC team has grown over the past years, but has always remained dedicated to this fundamental commitment; the people at USMC are still firmly committed to the founders, needs but also exceed the client’s expectation. The unique aspect of USMC is the ability of self – performing in most items on a project, this. These abilities allow USMC to have more control of the schedule, the cost and the quality of the work for its clients although USMC subcontracts a significant portion of its work, this self –perform abilities provides a level of expertise and value that is unmatched in the industry . USMC is licensed under the government due to having qualified staff, high quality, have Experience which was approved by the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Ministry of Commerce, Business Licensing Department. License No 5611 Issue dated 30/08/2011 Valid till one Year from the date of Issue. Our Company is a private & LTD  Medical company and it’s famous for its well-known reputation in the market. To provide the highest quality of LTD  goods and Medicine products with best material according to standard specification and working with national and international donor agencies, to the reconstruction of devastated Afghanistan, and a local Afghan Logistic Company inside the country.The Items produced by USMC are mostly made inside the country designed by expert and skillful Afghan who trained in foreign countries while being refugee. The USMC main goal is providing service and Items for National Army, National police and other Governmental and Non-government organizations to produce good quality Items in reasonable prices to get the satisfaction of its customers and take part in development of its war torn country as well.Since it’s establishing the USMC has provided jobs for many young workers and skillful people, who had either returned from refugee camps or came under DDR (disarmament demobilization repatriation) programs, if we look deeply it is a way to take part in construction of the country.Like many International company the USMC proudly can say that it is the only Afghan Company which has made an International standard administration & Service in the country. Please let us serve you better by our standard and best quality products. USMC doesn’t want to be given privilege but to be given the chance to show the capacity and efficiency of its service which is able to compete with famous logistic companies in the country and in the region as well. We insure you by awarding of the contract to any Items listed here USMC can afford the contract in a very good condition. USMC has haunted a flourishing and prosperous confidence among its customers and competitors.